Film resources

‘The Talk’ is a verbatim play about people’s experiences of Relationship and Sex Education. Twelve extracts of ‘The Talk’ have been filmed by Chouette Films for use in schools and teacher training institutions. In these extracts, actors share stories from the project using a technique called ‘headphone verbatim’. Some of these stories are shared anonymously, and others are not - depending on what the interviewee requested.

How to use these short films

These short films can be used for free to help start discussions about the topics involved. The first two extracts released below, titled ‘Eleven’ and ‘Fifteen’, are based on conversations with young people. Each clip will soon come with some suggested discussion questions suitable for either a school audience, or a teacher/education practitioner audience. Watch this space for more clips and educational resources soon!

The technique behind the films

Verbatim theatre is often defined as a type of documentary theatre, where real people’s spoken words are used to construct the script. Headphone verbatim is a sub-genre within verbatim theatre; the actors listen to an edit of the original interview material on headsets, and repeat that content back to the audience in real time. Therefore, in these short films, you will see the actors performing whilst wearing headphones.

Warning - Due to the nature of the subject matter, some of the films below contain stories about sex, violence and sexual abuse. Please check that the content of any video is suitable for your audience before using it as a resource.